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Where to stay in Stockholm

All people who have stayed in Scandinavia say that it is certainly not the most affordable place in Europe. To sum up and be brief we’d like to say that city guests searching for where to stay in Stockholm or Stockholm accomodation can select among these variants – affordable (hostels, ships), moderately expensive (hotels) and really expensive (luxurious hotels).
Saving solution
Hotels of worldwide known brands are too expensive as places to stay in Stockholm for thrifty travelers and young people. Such tourists are typically not interested in any luxury – they are absolutely well with any cheaper Stockholm b&b. It makes all hostels and other low-cost accommodations so popular. There are lots of great hostels in Stockholm, however we recommend you to also check available hotels.
Just go for a walk around Stockholm and you will quickly discover really many small and neat hotels with tempting prices. The coolest thing related to them is that sometimes they have incredibly bargain offers like offers for a season and discounts. If hostels mostly look the same in entire Europe and even the world the hotels are always different and therefore much more beautiful.

Chapman Stockholm boat hostel

Chapman Stockholm boat hostel

Live in a ship!
Could you imagine that cheap accommodation in Stockholm can be found not on the land only but in the water? So there is no wonder about the title “Northern Venetia” granted by tourists. Booking a room in a ship gives you a great opportunity to live in the very center. One will be surprised with how low the room prices for ships are in comparison with other accommodation in Stockholm. That is really nice accomodation in Stockholm!.
Experienced tourists claim that staying in a ship is actually much cheaper and better than in any “land hotel”. You will see that tourists adore ship hotels due to the benefits described above. So you will get both available price and small distance to dozens of fabulous attractions.
Feel the life of a Stockholm inhabitant
Rental house or apartment may also be a good idea. Due to high pension in Sweden its citizens can afford paying costly rent, thus you need to be ready for the prices. It means that Swedish people are OK with such prices, but foreign visitors are often disappointed.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you cannot find less expensive apartments few miles from the center. It’s not about cutting expenses only – you will lead the same life just as the local inhabitants do. It will become a nice experience for you. Moreover it is the best opportunity to make a comparison between city center with other its areas.
Renting an apartment or a house can become the most interesting option for the travelers who have already been to Swedish capital and seen its attraction sites. Each city has two sides and Stockholm is not exclusion here. If you want to see the full picture – go an live side by side with locals but not with tourists.
When comfort is important
Anyway, some people need really much comfort. If you really need to have a very comfortable bed, a big bathroom and eat delicious breakfasts and dinners – choose a hotel. Global hotel chains can be easily found in Stockholm. Local hotel chains can seem attractive too. Another way to have a comfortable rest is to rent a room in an authentic Swedish hotel.
As for staying in the very center we would recommend you Grand Hotel – its situation is the best. All big museums, all splendid views and all awesome clubs and bar are within walking distance that is really convenient. Unfortunately, the booking costs can be astonishing for the people who expected the room prices like in other Western countries.
Find new friends and a new couch
When talking about bed and breakfast in Stockholm we immediately think about hotels, hostels and rental houses and apartments. The tourists who like “camping wild” will certainly prefer a free and cool option called “couchsurfing”. Without any big efforts you can find a vast number of hosts in Stockholm. There is nothing complicated at all – make an account on Couchsurfing and find an available Stockholm host. That’s how you will not only learn more about this fantastic city but also meet dozens of interesting people.