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Where to stay in Stockholm

Travelers who already possesses experience of Scandinavia traveling know well about its costliness. Therefore when talking about where to stay in Stockholm we mention several types of Stockholm accomodation – affordable hostels, medium hotels and luxurious hotels and apartments.
Saving solution
Hotels of worldwide known companies appear to be too costly as places to stay in Stockholm for cheap visitors and young people. Such tourists are typically not interested in luxe – they are totally OK about more affordable Stockholm breakfast and bed. All savers and young students usually try to find something more affordable. There are many really good hostels in Stockholm, however we suggest that you check available hotels.
Take a good walk around Stockholm and you will soon discover a vast number of small and neat hotels with attractive prices. The probability to chance upon some discount and book a great hotel room for low price is very high. If hostels mostly look the same in entire Europe and even the world the hotels are mainly different and it makes them much more beautiful.

Chapman Stockholm boat hostel

Chapman Stockholm boat hostel

Check out a ship hotel
Could you think that cheap accommodation in Stockholm may be found not on the land only but in the water? It is the reason for people calling it “Northern Venetia”. All ship hotels are situated in the heart of Stockholm so a tourist will have everything close. There are both affordable hotels and hostels in ships beginning with 20 Euros for a bed in dorms. That is really nice accomodation in Stockholm!.
The confirmation for it can be easily found on any touristic forum thread dedicated to Stockholm – ask people. The tourists say that it’s really convenient to put up at a ship due to fantastic location. It means that you will not be living in a cool place but also have all main attraction sites right near.
Be a Swedish
If you want more comfort and freedom you can check rental houses and apartments. That is relatively expensive choice, but you need to remember that average salary and pension in Sweden is nearly the highest in the whole world. It means that Swedish people are not afraid of such prices, but foreign tourists are usually disappointed.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you cannot find less costly apartments few kilometers from the center. You will then cut expenses and see how Stockholm people live. With no doubts, such experience is very good. It will let you compare ordinary districts to the touristic part of Stockholm too.
If you are interested in seeing a real life in Stockholm renting a small house far from center is obviously the best decision. Non-touristic areas are also incredibly interesting. Living side by side with Swedish local people will let you get the full picture.
Top level of comfort
Nevertheless, some of us need top level of comfort. If you need to possess a great bed, a big bathroom and tasty meals in the hotel restaurant – select a hotel. There are prestigious hotels of literally all world companies like Sheraton and Radisson. Additionally you could also choose among local hotel chains. Another option of a rest in comfort is to rent a room in an authentic Swedish hotel.
Grand Hotel is possibly the best spot where a wealthy tourist could stay because this hotel is situated in the very center of the Swedish capital. All big museums, all splendid views and all awesome clubs and bar are within walking distance that is super convenient. Unfortunately, the booking prices can be embarrassing for those, who are used to the costs for rooms like in other Western countries.
Surfing for a coach
Surely, only traditional resorts like hotels and some hostels can offer bed and breakfast in Stockholm. But still, there is a different way to put up at a place for sociable people – a great service called Couchsurfing. Without any real efforts you can find a vast number of available hosts in Stockholm. All you should do is to register an account in the service, then find a suitable person and contact him through website private chat. It will be the most affordable and – if you adore talking to new people – most interesting way to discover Stockholm.