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Resting on numerous peninsulas and islands at the outflow of Lake Mälaren into the Baltic, is the city of Stockholm which is often referred to as the “Venice of the North”. The intermingling water and land, the crags rearing up from the sea, the Skerries fringing the coast and exquisite pattern of waterways etching through the city is what brings out its charm. There are three distinctive UNESCO World Heritage Sites that rest in this capital city of Sweden: Drottningholm, Birka and the Woodland Cemetery. Moreover, the city encompasses several art galleries, museums, theaters as well as the Nobel Institute. With the amazing underground system of Tunnelbana (T-bana) getting around the entire city could not be any easier. Any gaps between the destinations are effectively filled with the regular bus networks, but taking a walk through the city of Stockholm has its charm too. Visitors can also the bicycle lanes throughout the city, which is also an efficient way of travelling through the city. Proudly known as the living city (a levande stad) by the locals, as the downtown areas of the city are buzzing with people all the time.

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What To See In Stockholm

What To See In Stockholm

The Old Town (Gamla Stan)

The area of Gamla Stan dates back to the 1200s and is packed with incredible sights, visitor attractions, authentic restaurants, cafes and boutique shops, making it a living museum in itself. For many explorers, this is the first stop on their journey as it is the perfect way to absorb yourself into the culture of the city of Stockholm. With a puzzling labyrinth of small streets and plenty of gifts and souvenirs from the Old Town, you will be sent back into the medieval times. The picturesque facades are covered by ancient frescoes and mysterious vaults. Be sure to visit the amazing Jumarknad (Christmas Market) if you are visiting during the winter season, which is nothing short of a fairy tale. The Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum and the Stockholm Cathedral should always be on your list, and a coincidentally all located in the Old Town. Don’t miss out the changing of the guards when you are visiting the Royal Palace. city of Stockholm

Sverige’s Kungahus (The Royal Palace)

Visiting this incredible site could consume and entire day with its several sightseeing opportunities. The official residence of the King of Sweden is on the periphery of the Gamla Stan and rests at the edge of the water. It is interesting to see that the residence of the Queen is elsewhere, on the Queen’s island called Drottingholm, which is also a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace is one of the largest royal houses in Europe, showing a glimpse of the once mighty Swedish Empire with 5 museums and 600 rooms. With real gems and baroque style 18th century palace is a royal feast for the eyes. If you are wondering , you can witness the silver throne of Queen Kristina, visit the Armory, the Museum of Antiquities, the Three Crowns (Tre Kronor) Museum and the Royal Treasury of Sweden. The visitors can also stand witness to the daily changing of the guard, as mentioned earlier.

Vasa Museum

Stockholm Top-Vasa Museum

Built with the intention to be the pride of the Swedish Imperial fleet, the incredible Vasa battleship sank on its maiden voyage in 1628, centuries before the unfortunate Titanic disaster. In the year 1961, an extensive rescue operation was conducted to salvage  was left of the grand ship, and today can stand witness to this formidable time capsule, 95% of which is still in its original form and composure. The three masts on the museum’s roof are not just an attraction for the tourists, but a reconstruction of the same specifications and height of those on the original ship. This is the most visited museum in the entire country of Sweden, with more than a million visitors from around the globe who come to visit the 10 different exhibits that the museum has to offer. major tourist attraction for locals as well


must see in Djurgarden

Djurgarden is a serene oasis that rests in the heart of the city of Stockholm, and is a major tourist attraction for locals as well, especially during the long days and short nights of the summer season. The ideal place to have a picnic or to take a stroll, the Djurgarden also incorporates several museums and attractions of the city. The area is scattered with hotels, restaurants, pleasant cafes and snack-bars. To make their way through the forest trails, visitors can cycle their way through Djurgarden and even take the waterways with a canoe if they feel adventurous. If you are wondering  in Djurgarden, the open-air Gröna Lund amusement park and the newly opened ABBA The Museum are also worth looking into. A great way to reach Djurgarden is by a ferry from Slussen or Gamla Stan, both of which are on the T-Bana route. You can also step up on a tram from Norrmalmstrog, ride the bus or just pick a cab from the city center which is just 15 minutes away. To get all the additional information about Djurgarden, drop by the visitor center.

The Open-Air Museum Of Skansen

Sansken is an island of Djurgarden, as the oldest open-air museum in the world which attracts families, especially those with younger children. The wonderful Stockholm Zoo and 150 different houses and building from across the country of Sweden that are reassembled here, will leave you wish a taste of Sweden. There are several town districts, including the amazing Seglora timber church, manor houses, a bakery and a pottery barn. The Zoo is filled with animals such as bears, moose, wolves, lynxes, seals as well as a wonderful children’s petting zoo. For a traditional Swedish meal of Smörgåsbor, visit the Solliden Restaurant.  -Air Museum Of Skansen

Editor’s Choice: Fotografiska Museet

Fotografiska is a museum photo in Stockholm, which is home to some excellent contemporary photographs, and is known for hosting several enticing exhibitions all year round. The souvenir store, bookstore and restaurant on the top floor of the museum provide a serene view of the city. The museum has been acknowledged by some premium photography studios over the past years and has witnessed a growing number of visitors each year. The gallery is popular for hosting state of the art live and club music all year round and the Bistro on the top floor of the museum is considered as one of the coolest restaurants in the city, with the weekend brunch being quite popular with the locals.