Christmas Stockholm-stockholm things to do

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Christmas in the fairy tale

Stockholm is a city which cannot be compared to others. Winter Stockholm looks like a piece belonging to some fairytale world. Stockholm Medieval part always looks perfect, but in winter it becomes incredibly charming. Probably it is so because of the amazing spirit that surrounds the old market.

Bake your Christmas bread

There is a great place in Stockholm called Skansen. It is a very big outdoor museum founded long ago in 1891. You can find all sorts of Swedish architecture there. More than that, some old buildings still work! The most fascinating things begin in the evening of December, 24.

It the late December you can get to a great Christmas market in Skansen. If you want to explore the winter ambience of Stockholm – come here. If you are not a shopping fan you can, for instance, try baking some bread with the 19th century bakery equipment. Challenging, isn’t it?

Several hunderds of tourists come to the market in Skansen daily. Patience will save you a lot of energy here since there will certainly be queues, but it’s still worth coming.

When non-shoppers like shopping

Stureplan square in Stockholm will attract you even if you are a convinced shopping hater. People love walking around and finding cute things. It’s really worth coming to Stureplan before Christmas. There is no other attraction in the whole world which has such a Scandinavian spirit.

After shopping you can go for ice-skating and have fun with your friends. The rink visitors are typically foreigners. This is why the rink is an ideal place for making new acquaintances.

Family entertainment

The Stockholm museums are definitely great for tourists of all generations. However, you can find certain special “family attractions”. Tourists like Stockholm circus so it would be great if you go there. Great performers always prepare something really amusing. The children will be thankful and happy, no doubts! Family leisure should be spent in nice places like Stockholm circus.

Ferry tours are fascinating as well. One can find a ferry just near the Opera and join a great tour around the area. But one should be careful – in a windy day it can be really cold aboard. They offer thick buck skin to all tourists, so don’t be shy and ask the employees about that. If the weather is calm and it’s not snowing you will see really unforgettable views of winter Stockholm.

Fun for everyone

Sweden is a country on the North and sometimes its weather is really tough. Even if it’s 0C outside a keen local wind can make you feel like it’s -15C or colder. Wind is a great obstacle that can make you decide to choose some indoor activity.

You could check out the local attractions called rooms that are really popular among guests from all parts of the world. There are dozens of cool escape rooms and you can find the information about them online. There are about 30 places of that type in Stockholm!

Royal Opera and museums ideally suit for an afternoon or evening. Nightlife in Stockholm is another amusing tourists’ attraction. The old part of Stockholm is literally full of night clubs and bars. Normally nightclubs of Stockholm look a lot like clubs in Europe. The prices can seem rather high, however Swedish beer is worth tasting. Stockholm nightlife is very active. Great clubs and bars can be found in any part of city center. It’s not a big deal to find a nice place to stay.

Enjoy a great view of Stockholm

Globe-shaped Sports Center is another attraction of Stockholm. Check out the largest ball in the world. In addition, you could enjoy a great view from the Sports Center viewing platform. The revolving deck moves around the Center and gets to the height of 130 meters! The Stockholm view from there is really breathtaking.

Don’t think twice and select Stockholm as your Christmas holidays destination!