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Ten Fascinating Things About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most innovative capitals. Only interested people know that Stockholm is the place where a great number of inventions and trends were implemented. Incredible cultural heritage and exciting history with stylish cafes and restaurants make Swedish capital a worthy place to come to. Speaking about the things people like we would like to mention pleasant environment, amazing nature and great urbanscape. One of the major Stockholm attractions is the Segway, an ecologically harmless two wheeler that brings much pleasure when driving and makes a lot of fun while travelling.

You may have seen most part of the world and might have enjoyed a great deal of the nature beauties and man-made miracles, but Stockholm Segway guarantees you the unique experience. Going by bus, train or any other kind of city transport cannot bring you such a pleasure as driving Segway in Stockholm.

Stockholm is a capital of glory and outstanding adventures. Here you will find all the entertaining opportunities to make your trip enjoyable and amusing. The best site to start your travel around Stockholm is the famous Royal palace. Skeppsholmen island with all its unparalleled museums, jazz music and architecture will perfectly suit as the next place of interest to visit in Stockholm.

This amazing trip includes in its route all famous buildings of Stockholm, from Royal Opera to Parliament House. While preparing a plan of this tour, you could choose a Segway for better comfort. A Segway trip is very amusing and gives you an opportunity to see everything closer. We bet you got interested in Stockholm tour with a Segway, aren’t you? Just take a look those ten amusing facts about Segway and book a tour. And the facts below will make you understand why this trip is so exciting and why you will 100% enjoy it.

10 surprising facts about Stockholm Segway

  1. A Segway PT is an electric and eco-friendly personal transport that has a pair of wheels and uses power batteries.
  2. Dean Kamen from America is Segway inventor.
  3. This creative wheeled vehicle is produced by a company basing in New Hampshire – Segway Inc.
  4. The strange name Segway was built on the basis of the word “Segue” that means smooth motion. As for the PT it is the abbreviation of Personal Transportation.
  5. Segway has smart electronics and engine located in its basic part, and that is the reason why Segway never loses its balance when turned on.
  6. If you fear Segway controls – relax, everything is incredibly easy. Lean to the front or backwards and go forward or backwards.
  7. Having right balance, the Segway records all changes in the meters and then adjusts the matching speed, controled by leaning forward or backward.
  8. Fluid-based leveling sensors and the gyroscopic sensors record the weight movement.
  9. Press the handlebar to the left or to the right to start Segway.
  10. The highest possible speed Segway may achieve is 12.5 miles per hour which is very convenient for driving in a street.

If you are going to visit Stockholm, use a great opportunity to get pleasure from this exclusive Segway tour. All in all, it is not that popular in other countries and cities. One more significant factor is that it is absolutely eco-friendly and when it comes to handling it is very easy and a total newbie can handle it without much difficulties. But please don’t forget to wear a helmet and to follow all instructions to avoid unneeded risk.

There are very few restrictions on Segway use. A user needs to be above twelve years of age to get the permission for such a trip and his weight must be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.