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Ten Interesting Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of charm and innovation. Only interested people know that Stockholm is the city where many inventions and trends started. People from different countries come to Stockholm to explore its history, cultural background and, of course, trendy restaurants, bars and cafes. The friendly atmosphere and natural beauty of this place encourage tourists to get here and to enjoy all the great things that make Stockholm admiring. Moreover, there is an outstanding opportunity for discovering the city on a comfortable and fast transport absolutely harmless for the environment – Segway.

Even the travelers with rich experience and thousands of visited cities will be excited with the Segway tour around Swedish capital. A bus or a car will never substitute Segway with its impressive mobility and convenience.

You will certainly appreciate the adventurous atmosphere of Stockholm. Stockholm has all types of entertainment for the most picky person. You can start the trip from the Royal palacewhich is famous home of the royal dynasty. It’s one of the most popular attractions of Europe. Skeppsholmen island with its fantastic museums, architecture and jazz music will a good option as a second place of interest to visit here in Stockholm.

This amazing tour includes in its route all famous Stockholm buildings, from Parliament House to Royal Opera. Such a trip needs a mobile and simple transport like Segway. A Segway tour is very exciting and provides an opportunity to see all the things closer. We bet you got interested in a Segway tour, aren’t you? Check out ten interesting facts about Segway and reserve a trip. Don’t hesitate and check the facts below – you will find out a lot of new things there.

10 surprising things about Stockholm Segway

  1. The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, battery-powered and self-balanced electric vehicle.
  2. The popularity and fame of the inventor of Segway belong to an engineer from the USA Dean Kamen.
  3. This unique wheeled personal vehicle is made by a company situated in New Hampshire and called Segway Inc.
  4. The remarkable word Segway was taken from the word Segue meaning “being able to move smoothly”. PT means Personal Transportation.
  5. The motors and the processor placed in the base of the vehicle keeps the Segway upright when the power is on. It lets maintain the right balance of Segway.
  6. If you feel fear about Segway controls – calm down, everything is really easy. Lean forward or backwards and thus go forward or backwards.
  7. During the ride lean your body to the front or to the back to make speed higher or lower.
  8. The weight shifts are recorded by special gyroscoping and level sensors.
  9. And for launching Segway, one should press the handlebar to the right or left.
  10. The Segway PT is able to maintain the maximum of 12.5 mph and it is based on the electric motors making any trip comfortable, safe and easy.

If you have plans to go to Stockholm, try to experience this unique Segway tour. All in all, it is not available in other parts of the world. You have no necessity in an expert to drive Segway, everything is very easy to understand and you will soon realize how the vehicle works. However, following all safety instructions and having a helmet is necessary all the time.

Segway is a vehicle allowed for everybody with few limitations. Actually the limitations concern age and weight only – the minimum age is 13 and the maximum weight is 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.