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Find a place to put up at Stockholm

All tourists who have already been to Sweden and Scandinavia say that it’s definitely not the cheapest place in the world. Thus when we are talking about where to stay in Stockholm we mention several kinds of Stockholm accomodation – more affordable hostels, medium hotels and expensive luxurious hotels, houses and apartments.
Saving solution
Well, Sheraton, Scandic or Radisson are probably not good places to stay in Stockholm for thrifty students. Such a decision is absolutely normal in cases when super comfort of Stockholm b&b is not important for certain type of travelers. Basically students and just people who don’t wish to waste much money like hostels. There are lots of great hostels in Stockholm, however we recommend you to also check available hotel rooms.
Take a good stroll around Stockholm and you will soon discover a vast number of small and nice hotels with tempting cost. The coolest thing about such places is that sometimes they have really attractive price offers like offers for a season and discounts. All in all, it’s definitely better to find a room in an authentic Swedish hotel than to select a typical hostel nearly always full of irritating and noisy meanies.

find a cheaper place in Stockholm

find a cheaper place in Stockholm

Live in a ship!
Those who are good at geography know that Swedish capitan is an island city and cheap accomodation in Stockholm can be found on ships. That is why people call Stockholm “Northern Venetia”. All ship hotels are situated in the central part of Stockholm so you will have everything close. Finally, the biggest advantage is that the ships appear to be much cheaper than ordinary hotels. What a nice accommodation in Stockholm, isn’t it?.
Check Internet forums and see that people confirm it – hundreds of them prefer ships as well. You will see that tourists like ship hotels because of the pluses described above. It means that you will not be living in a cool place but also have all main attraction sites right near.
Turn into a local citizen
If you need more freedom and comfort you could check rental apartments or houses. But be ready for quite costly offers – keep in mind that salaries and pension in Sweden are very high and local people can afford to pay such rent. It means that Swedish people are OK with such prices, but foreign travelers are usually disappointed.
But much cheaper apartments may be found in the city outskirts. It’s not about saving money only – you will have a chance to live the same life just as the local inhabitants do. With no doubts, such experience is very good. It will let you compare ordinary districts to the famous central part of Stockholm too.
If you are interested in seeing an ordinary life in Stockholm staying in a small house that is remote from center is the best decision. Every city has two sides of life and Stockholm is not exclusion here. Living with locals will let you get the full picture.
Top level of comfort
Certain tourists, however, prefer putting up at best comfort. If you really need to have a very comfortable bed, a big and clean bathroom and tasty breakfasts and dinners – select a hotel. There are prestigious hotels of literally all world players like Radisson and Sheraton. It’s a sensible idea to check out local hotel chains too. Another option of a rest in comfort is to rent a room in an original Swedish hotel.
The most convenient location among all top-level hotels belongs to Grand Hotel. Historical sites, restaurants, museums – everything is situated within a short walking distance from Grand Hotel. Unfortunately, the booking costs can be embarrassing for the tourists who counted on the room prices like in other Western countries.
Find new friends and a new couch
It’s better to look for bed and breakfast in Stockholm in hotels and good hostels. However, there is a different way to get to a place for open-minded people – a great service called Couchsurfing. There you will see thousands of people from various countries and cities including, of course, Stockholm who invite everybody to stay. There is nothing complicated in it at all – create a personal Couchsurfing account and find an available Stockholm host. That is how you will not only see this wonderful city but also strike up new acquaintances.