Free Walking Tour in Stockholm

free walking tour stockholm

What About a Free Walking Tour in Stockholm?


Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and the country’s main economic, political, media, and cultural center. The benefits of a walking tour in Old Town Stockholm are many, and we are going to talk about some tourist attractions in Old Town Stockholm such as The Royal Palace, Church of St. Nicholas, Stortorget and The Royal Chapel. A free walking tour in Stockholm will be much fun and you will learn a lot about this part of Sweden.

Free Walking Tour Stockholm

Free Walking Tour Stockholm

The Royal Palace

This palace is incredible and you will enjoy the playing of a band when the guards change posts. These concerts will go on for almost half an hour with timed movements and marching. With almost 1,500 rooms and incredible views, you will enjoy every minute inside this awe-inspiring building. The area nearby this palace is worth visiting, though the palace is under renovation right now. You will find a beautiful museum here with many halls as well. The ambience of this place is both quaint and pleasant at the same time. In addition, The Royal Palace is both richly decorated as well as spacious.

Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas is a church that is commonly used for furnerals, wedding and royal coronations. With a gothic style and lovely facade, you will have a wonderful, relaxing time here. This religious building’s decoration is just incredible and even the floors are beautifuly adorned. There is also an eye-catching statue, a dragon and St. George, which is impressive too. This is the right place to visit if you want to relax and spend some time with yourself inside a quiet ambience. Silence is all over the place too.


Stortorget is a historical palace full of charm in the historical district. You will find a lot of tourists here as well as many restaurants and little cafes. The whole place exudes peace and you will feel relaxed right away. In fact, Stortorget is the soul of Old Town Stockholm.

The Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel is a beautiful church that you will find inside the famous Stockholm Palace. The owner of this palace is the Church of Sweden. The interior decoration of this astonishing building is just incredible with many golden items, which makes this place amazing. If you have been thinking about a free walking tour in Stockholm, a visit to this chapel should be in your agenda. In addition, this church’s music programs are fantastic.