Top Tourist Attractions in Stockholm

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What are all the top tourist attractions in Stockholm, Sweden?

Most of the world class tourists would like to visit different places in the Stockholm city which is the capital of the Sweden. This is because it comprises 14 beautiful islands and more than 50 amazing bridges on the sea. Like these bridges and islands, there are several more must see places or tourist attractions available when one or more people have made an arrangement for the Sweden trip.

Top 3 tourist attractions of Stockholm:

  • The Royale Palace – The most beautiful and stunning place to visit in the Stockholm city of Sweden will be the royale palace. It is actually located at the periphery of Gamla stan’s water edge. This palace is an official residence of the Sweden’s King. It will take about one day to completely enjoy the places of this entire palace and taste the rich foods of Swedish empire. It also has 5 museums to display the several items used by the previous kings and princesses of the Sweden.
  • Gamla Stan – It is also one of the most considerable tourist attractions of the Stockholm city. This Gamla Stan is also known as the old town of the Sweden which is considered as the living breathing museum of the old people in the current days. Whenever you are willing to know the lifestyle of the ancient Swedish people, the tourists can look at the streets of the Gamla Stan and enjoy the beauty of the place.
  • Djurgarden – The tourists can able to find this amazing garden at the center of the Stockholm city. It is better visiting this djurgarden during the summer season of the short nights and long lazy days.


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Other Stockholm tourist attractions:


  • Vasa museum – It is really an incredible tourist attraction in the Stockholm city and almost all tourists would want to visit this tourist place to enjoy the beauty of the different things which are preserved here. It is one and only the most visited museum in the entire Sweden with the millions of regular visitors.
  • Skansen open-air museum – This Skansen museum is one of the popular and oldest museums in the world and it is located in the open air for enjoy the beauty of the Djurgarden island. It is wonderful location to enjoy with your family members and friends.

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