The Best Facts About The Stockholm Card

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What are the reasons for getting the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is a very interesting but at the same time expensive capital. It’s really a serious challenge to check all its points of interest and capture the ambience of this Northern city without spending all money.

What advantages does the Card have.

The main purpose of the discount card is to let short term tourists discover a lot of amusing places and things in Stockholm. So what exactly does the Card do? Well, it:

  • Opens the doors of more than 80 museums and allows you to get to all possible and impossible touristic sites. You will not be obliged to pay different entrance fees with the Stockholm Card and such a choice will save some money. The Stockholm Card is an awesome thing for all museum fans and just for the people who would like to learn more about the cultural life of the Swedish capital.
  • Releases you from necessity to pay for municipal transport – take any bus or any tram and go around the city in any direction. Furthermore, you can travel by boats for free as well! It’s that awesome?
  • Provides very tempting discounts for different sightseeing tours arranged on boats and buses and for visiting Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Much Time Is Left To Get The Card?

In order to save your funds there are four price packages for different number of days. One can choose among one, two, three or five days visit and pay only for the time you need without any excess costs.

Where can I obtain the card and how much does it cost?

The price policy is very fair and transparent – you pay the amount money depending on the number of days spent in Stockholm. There are cards for one, two, three or five days – choose any that suits better.

Regardless of discounts from time to time the price of the Stockholm card is the same during the whole year. As for the discounts you can have one from Ikea by signing up for their Family Membership card.

When To Get One

If you travel as a tourist prefering sightseeing, it is a reasonable idea to buy one. It can save you some money at the end of the day as you will not have to spend anything on entrance fees for all the cultural places you visit. It is a god bargain deal for short term guests of Stockholm as they can get a lot paying a fixed price.

Don’t pass up a cool chance to make your short visit to Stockholm filled with new information and interesting discoveries. You could calculate everything yourself getting information concerning ticket prices and entrance fees in the Internet. You will see that the benefits are obvious.

Anyway, if you are not actually ready for doing numerous sites of sightseeingit is maybe not a suitable idea to get one. Let’s say, you wish to discover Stockholm at a leisurely pace and visit few places per day, buying a Stockholm Card does not look sensible. That’s the reason it is considered to be a short term guest’s discount.

Fortunately there are many places in Stockholm where you can obtain the city card if you change your mind.