Things To See In Stockholm-The Stockholm Card

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Who could need the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is an outstanding place, it has a great deal of adventure and it is the right place you can feel nature at its best. The beauty of Stockholm can be seen at nearly any corner of the street, in parks and museums. Several Swedish cities provide special discount cards that are specifically designed for short term visitors. The Stockholm Card is your short cut to entertainment and great experiences while in Stockholm.

What advantages does the Card offer.

The Stockholm Card is the best solution for short term tourism and for those who are curious about Stockholm cultural life, since it:

  • Releases you from entrance fees in over 80 Stockholm museums full of fantastic things. All attraction sites and points of interest are available for you with no restrictions! Being a Card holder enables you to avoid spending too much money in case if you would like to visit at least a couple of big museums.
  • Relieves you from paying anything

For public means of transport – take any train or any tram and go where you want to. Moreover, you can use boats for free too! It’s that fantastic?

  • Provides interesting discounts for a great number of sightseeing tours arranged on boats and buses and for visiting well-known Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

For How Much Time Will The Card Be Valid?

The Stockholm card remains active for 5 days after the purchase day or for different number of days based on for how long you stay and what price plan you have chosen. Each plan lasts certain amount of days – one day, two days, three days and five days.

Where Do I Get the Card from and what is its Price?

The price solution is really fair and transparent – a buyer pays for the number of days spent in Stockholm. There are discount cards for 1, 2, 3 and 5 days – choose any that matches better.

It is possible that from time to time you can notice some sudden discount – for instance, when obtaining the Member’s card from Ikea. Anyway, we do not advise relying on it because actually the card price is not supposed to change during the whole year.

Who could benefit from the Stockholm Card?

Visitors can have many benefits with the Stockholm Card. They will be free from paying entrance fee when enjoying sightseeing and museums – if you plan a lot of activities like that getting the Card will allow you to save money.

Using a calculator and the Internet you can easily and quickly compare the card costs to the costs of traveling around Stockholm without the card. We the result is predictable.

But we are not exaggerating the utility of the Stockholm Card – we keep in mind that this solution is determined mainly for the sightseeing seekers. Tourists who prefers other things in the capital, for instance going to clubs, business trips and walking tours will hardly need such a solution like the City Card.

Fortunately there are many points in Stockholm where you can purchase the city card if you change your mind.