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10 Astonishing Facts About Segway Stockholm

Beauty and inventiveness are the main characteristics of Stockholm. The majority of trends in arts design, innovations appeared in this city before they became popular worldwide. Guests from different countries visit Stockholm to see its history, culture and, of course, trendy cafes, restaurants and bars. Talking about the things tourists appreciate we would like to mention very warm environment, exciting nature and great city views. Moreover, there is an outstanding chance for discovering the capital on a convenient and fast vehicle absolutely harmless for the environment – Segway.

Even the travelers with rich and long experience and hundreds of discovered cities and towns will be excited with the Segway tour around Swedish capital. Travelling by train, bus or any other source of transportation will hardly satisfy you much like moving by Segway in Stockholm.

Stockholm is a center of beauty and adventure. Here you will get all kinds of the entertaining opportunities to make your travel enjoyable and exciting. Royal Palace is the residence for the “royal blood” and a good beginning point. It will inspire you for discovering Stockholm. From the royal palace, you can go towards the Skeppsholmen island, a small piece of land used to be a naval post of Sweden, but now it is situated in the center of Stockholm.

This amazing trip includes in its route all significant Stockholm buildings, from Parliament House to Royal Opera. Segway is definitely the best solution for this tour. Driving a Segway is very close to strolling with the only difference – you can move faster. We have no doubts you have got interested in a Segway tour around Stockholm, right? Check out ten interesting facts regarding Segway and book a journey. Don’t think twice and check the facts from our list – you will get lots of new details there.

10 interesting facts about the Segway Stockholm

  1. A Segway PT is a self-balanced transport that has two wheels and works using power batteries.
  2. Dean Kamen from America is the Stockholm Segway inventor.
  3. The producer of the funky vehicle moving on two wheels is Segway Inc. From New Hampshire.
  4. The strange name Segway was built on the basis of the word “Segue” meaning smooth transportation. And the PT is the abbreviation of Personal Transportation.
  5. The secret of Segway’s incredible balance is connected to motors and computers put in the lower main part of the machine. They guarantee that the vehicle does not fall over when you turn it on.
  6. If you worry about Segway controls – calm down, everything is incredibly easy. Lean to the front or to the back and drive forward or backwards.
  7. Segway speeds up when you lean forward and lowers it when you do the opposite.
  8. The weight shifts are recorded by high-tech gyroscoping and level sensors.
  9. Press the handlebar to the right or left to start driving.
  10. The highest possible speed Segway may have is 12.5 mph which is really convenient for driving in a street.

If you have plans to go to Stockholm, use a great opportunity to experience this unique Segway tour. Finally, it is not that accessible in other countries and cities. Segway is an eco-friendly vehicle which has such strong points like simplicity, convenient speed and self-intuitive controls. But please don’t forget to use a helmet and to follow all instructions to avoid unwanted risk.

There are very few restrictions on Segway usage. A user should be above twelve years of age to get the permission for such a ride and the weight should be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.