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Ten Surprising Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm could be called one of the most inventive capitals. Only interested people know Stockholm as the city where a lot of innovations and trends started. Trendy bars and luxurious restaurants, nice cafes and pubs all make this historic city a desired holiday destination for the people of different parts of the world. There are many things making guests delight the capital of Sweden – beautiful nature, townscape and friendly environment. One of the major Stockholm attractions is the Segway, an eco-friendly two wheeler that creates a special feeling and makes the tour much funnier.

Even the tourists with rich and long experience and hundreds of visited cities will be steamed up with that Segway tour around Swedish capital. Moving by train, bus or any other kind of transportation will hardly satisfy you much like using Segway in Stockholm.

Stockholm has exciting ambience of charm and adventure. Here you will get all the entertaining things to make your tour memorable and exciting. Royal Palace is the residence for the Swedish royal family and a very convenient beginning point. It will encourage you for further exploring Stockholm. From the royal home, you can move towards the Skeppsholmen island, one of the smallest islands used to be a naval base of Sweden, but now it is situated in the center of Stockholm.

In this trip, you will definitely see the Royal dramatic theatre, Parliament House, the Royal Opera, the City Hall, and the place of the Nobel Banquet which is the most famous building of the Swedish capital. This tour requires a flexible and simple vehicle like Segway. A Segway tour is really funny and provides a chance to see everything closer. We have made up 10 cool facts about Segway. Such a list will certainly help you make the right choice. Don’t think twice and check the facts from our list – you will know lots of new things there.

10 amusing facts about Stockholm Segway

  1. A Segway PT is an electric self balanced personal transport that has 2 wheels and uses power batteries.
  2. Segway vehicle is invented by Dean Kamen.
  3. This ingenious 2-wheeled device is manufactured by the Segway Inc. That is situated in New Hampshire.
  4. The word “Segue” served as a root for the a bit strange name Segway. “Segue” is a noun and a synonym of “smooth transporting”. PT is simply a short form of Personal Transportation.
  5. Segway is equipped with smart electronics and engine hidden in its main part, and that is why Segway does not lose its balance when it is turned on.
  6. A user’s action is necessary for making Segway move to the front and it can be done by the shifting the weight to the front. As for the backing one needs to do the same thing. But here you need to shift the weight back to the platform.
  7. Segway picks up the speed when you shift the weight forward and lowers it when you do the opposite.
  8. Fluid leveling and gyroscopic sensors detect the weight movement.
  9. And for making it run, one needs to press the handlebar to the right or left.
  10. The highest possible speed Segway may reach is 12.5 miles per hour and it is very convenient for urban driving.

If you are planning to come to Stockholm, use a great opportunity to experience this awesome trip. Finally, it is not that accessible in every corner. Segway is an ecologically friendly vehicle having such strong points like simplicity, comfortable speed and self-intuitive controls. But please don’t forget to put on a helmet and to properly follow all safety instructions to be on the safe side.

There are only few restrictions on Segway usage. One should be above twelve years of age to obtain the permission for a Segway journey and his weight should be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.