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Stockholm is a city staying on 14 islands and connected with about sixty bridges. However, the Swedish capital has the name “the smallest big city among city guests. It is caused by the close-together design of this amazing city. Therefore Stockholm is a very convenient place to stroll around.
Travel on foot
According to the foreign tourists’ opinion, the best possible way is to choose a walking tour. A big number of people choose this destination for free Stockholm walking tours every day. To be honest, it is going to be really difficult to find a disappointed tourist.
A walking tour is definitely the best possible way to discover Swedish capital. The interesting places are just everywhere and all one needs is not to miss them. You can begin with the main ones like Riddarholmen Church or the Great Hall. Stockholm history is just enchanting, you will quickly find that.
The subway of Stockholm is considered to be a state-of-art construction. Almost each station is different and beautiful. Some people purchase a day ticket and consequently travel one by one station and finally see all of them. You can easily find a free Stockholm tour which includes the subway stations.
Create your own route
Detailed planning is not an obligatory thing when coming to Stockholm. Quite often the most exciting things are found during a spontaneous walk. The conclusion is that buying a tour that looks nice you are not guaranteed to see everything.
Places like Royal National park certainly deserve more tourists’ attention than a bus tour can offer. Only a

 free Stockholm walking tour

free Stockholm walking tour

will let you spend great time there. This park has a fantastic atmosphere of relaxation. If you need to think something over – do it here.
Have you heard that Stockholm is a capital of culture too? Then you are recommended to visit at least some museums out of more than 70. Everybody will find something interesting particularly to him or her. History, arts, weapons, culture and many other topics will definitely make you interested.
Time for fun
The proper time of a visit to Stockholm can provide a whole lot of surprising things. Could you imagine that Easter in Sweden looks a lot like the “trick or treat” game? Please, be aware that children in Sweden look like small nasty creatures going from house to house in search of candies. One will never find a more strange way to celebrate Easter when he sees Swedish children dressed like Halloween creatures.
Crayfish parties attract dozens of people as well as curious tourists. The people who have a desire to visit this outstanding event need to come in August. All local people are keen on crayfish feasts and they will be glad if you come too. That’s a great opportunity to make new friends among Stockholm people and get new impressions.
Don’t worry and travel
Finally, the main purpose of any travel is making people happy. Some people have fun in bars and clubs, while others like visiting museums and finally the rest wants something different. Don’t make yourself bored going to the places you are not really interested in. It’s your travel and it’s up to you what to do. The more relaxed you are the more great things in Stockholm you will see!