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Where to stay in Stockholm

All travelers who have already been to Scandinavia say that it is certainly not the cheapest touristic place in Europe. That is why when talking about where to stay in Stockholm we should say that there are several kinds of Stockholm accomodation – cheaper hostels, rather costly hotels and expensive luxurious hotels and apartments.
Student’s dream
Well, Scandic or Sheraton are rather not good places to stay in Stockholm for students and for thrifty travelers. The main goal for these tourists is to enjoy the Swedish capital and to explore as many things as possible, they are not connected to any certain Stockholm b&b place. Overall young tourists and just people who don’t want to spend too much prefer hostels. There are many really good hostels in Stockholm, but we suggest that you also check available hotels.
Just go for a good stroll around Stockholm and you will soon see a vast number of tiny and cozy hotels with affordable cost. The possibility to run against an awesome seasonal discount and reserve a nice hotel room for cheap is very high. To sum up, it’s better to get a room in an authentic hotel than to select an ordinary hostel full of noisy meanies.

What about staying on a ship?

What about staying on a ship?

What about staying on a ship?
Looking at the map we can see that actually cheap accomodation in Stockholm is located close to big water. Thus there is nothing surprising in the name “Northern Venetia” granted by tourists. It’s very convenient to put up at a ship because all ships are in very interesting parts of the city. There are both cheaper hotels and hostels in ships from 20 Euros for a room. What a nice accommodation in Stockholm, isn’t it?.
The confirmation of it can be easily found on any touristic forum thread dedicated to Stockholm – just people. According to their words, the ships are basically located quite close to the city center. So you will get both available price and small distance to dozens of fabulous attractions.
Turn into a local citizen
Another great option is to rent an apartment or even a house. But prepare yourself for rather costly offers – keep in mind that wages and pension in Sweden are high and local people can afford to pay such rent. It means that Swedish people feel well with such prices, but tourists are often disappointed.
A sensible solution would be to find a small house located far from the center of the city. It’s not about cutting expenses only – you will lead the same life as the local inhabitants do. That’s an awesome experience as well. It will let you compare it to the touristic part of Stockholm too.
If you are interested in seeing an ordinary life in Stockholm staying in a small house far from center is the best possible decision. Non-touristic side is also very interesting. If you wish to see the full picture – live among local people but not with tourists.
Luxury and comfort
Some tourists, however, prefer staying in best comfort. A good hotel with big and clean rooms and delicious breakfasts are the best choice then. Stockholm may offer a vast number of international hotel chains. It could be a sensible idea to think about local Stockholm hotel chains too. Small local hotels may also be luxurious and comfortable enough to meet all your requirements.
Grand Hotel is possibly the best spot where a wealthy tourist could put up at since this hotel is located in the very heart of the city. One will be able to quickly walk to a lot of attraction sites from the hotel. The only disadvantage is that the room costs are higher than in other Western countries.
Find your couch
You are better to look for bed and breakfast in Stockholm in hotels and hostels. If you do not really need it – go and try Couchsurfing. There you will meet hundreds of people from various countries and cities including Stockholm who are inviting tourists to come. There is no difficulty at all – register a new account on Couchsurfing and find a Stockholm host. It is the cheapest and – if you like knowing new people – most interesting way to discover Stockholm.