Stockholm Time Zone

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Sweden – a beautiful touristic destination

When it comes to visiting Europe people from the USA, Canada or Asia mainly think about London, Paris, Rome or at least Berlin, however experienced travelers who have already visited different part of the Old World admit that Sweden is certainly not less attractive.

If you are going to search for Sweden time zone in the Internet – we will help you, it’s the same like in Germany. However, the country itself is totally different.

Stockholm Time Zone

Stockholm Time Zone

Best places to see

There are three main large and popular cities in Sweden – its capital Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmoe. Goteborg has outstanding views and sceneries including the typical Swedish one – those with bold and gloomy cliffs under Northern sky. You will never forget it, this place is totally unique. Both Goteborg and Malmoe are in Stockholm time zone.

If you prefer active rest and outdoor activities you can choose among dozens of really cool mountain and ski resorts – Idre, Are, Salen and many others. Be wise and remember to take a camera with you since you will often not just ride back and forth but also see breathtaking views. Sweden is a Northern country and there is plenty of snow up there in the mountains.

It doesn’t matter which city or resort you choose because Sweden time zone is one and only for the whole country.

Other points of interest

As we all know Sweden used to be a great power in both cultural, political and military fields. That is why Stockholm has so many things to offer to everybody who is interested in museums, monuments and other memorable sites. It’s priceless that Stockholm was not bombed hard during the World War 2 and survived it in a great state. That entire magnificent historical heritage is available for everyone located in Sweden time zone. Even if you are not really keen on such “museum stuff” we still recommend you to visit at least Djurgarden – an island also known as royal park. There are numerous museums dedicated to different epochs and subjects so that everyone could find something interesting particularly to him or her – for example, a museum of ABBA pop-band.

Bjrk is another island where a great Vikings’ settlement was discovered. That’s really impressive and both children and adults will highly appreciate this place. There are many information points in Stockholm or any other Swedish city where one can take a map of the surroundings with the list of “must-see” places.

Things to know

If you are coming from another continent be sure to consider Sweden time zone and try to arrive at the most convenient part of the day. Please keep in mind that Stockholm Sweden time is just the same like in Germany and one hour later than in the UK. Anyway, you may use Google and it will tell you everything.

By the way, Swedish people pay with their own currency called “Swedish Krona”. It means that you do not have to buy Euros in your country – it will be easier to get Kronor already in Sweden.