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Where to stay in Stockholm

Stockholm and Scandinavia in general are obviously not the cheapest areas in our world – go and ask the tourists. In short we would like to say that tourists searching for where to stay in Stockholm or Stockholm accomodation may choose among the following options – more or less cheap (ships, hostels, some hotels), moderately expensive (hotels) and finally really expensive (luxurious hotels).
Student’s dream
Not every tourist needs and can pay for places to stay in Stockholm like a prestigious hotel – for instance Radisson or Scandic. Such tourists are typically not interested in splendor – they are absolutely OK with any more affordable Stockholm breakfast and bed. All money savers and students prefer to find something more affordable. Luckily, serious competition about different hotels makes them provide great discounts and bargain offers – take the advantage of it in case if you don’t really like hostels but also don’t want to give much money.
Take a walk around Stockholm and you will find a vast number of small and neat hotels with attractive cost. The possibility to chance upon an awesome seasonal discount and book a nice hotel room for low price is high. If hostels usually have the same look in whole world the hotels are different and it makes them more beautiful.

What about staying on a ship?

What about staying on a ship?

Check out a ship hotel
Those who are good at geography also know that Swedish capitan is an island city and cheap accomodation in Stockholm can be found on ships. It is the reason for calling it “Northern Venetia”. It’s very convenient to put up at a ship because basically all ships are located in very interesting parts of the city. You will be surprised with how much lower the room prices for ships are comparing to any other accommodation in Stockholm. That is really nice accomodation in Stockholm!.
Check online forums and see that people confirm it – a lot of them also prefer ships. The tourists say that it’s incredibly convenient to put up at a ship due to fantastic location. So you will get both available price and small distance to dozens of fabulous attractions.
Feel the life of a Stockholm inhabitant
Another great option is to rent an apartment or even a house. Due to high pension in Sweden its citizens can afford to pay expensive rent, which means you are better to be ready for unexpectedly high prices. Well, that is the reason of why rental houses are not much popular.
A sensible solution will be to find a small house situated far from the center. It’s not about saving money only – you will live the same life just as the local inhabitants do. Undoubtedly, such experience is incredibly interesting. It will let you compare it to the touristic part of Stockholm too.
Renting a house or an apartment can become the most attractive solution for the people who have already been to Stockholm and seen its attraction sites. There are many cool things in non-touristic areas too. If you want to see the full picture – go an live side by side with local people but not among tourists.
When comfort is important
Some travelers, at the same time, prefer staying in total comfort. You can enjoy all these benefits only in a four or five star hotel. Stockholm may offer a large number of international hotel chains. Local hotel chains can become interesting too. Small local inns and hotels may also be luxurious enough to satisfy all your requirements.
As for putting up at the very center we could recommend you Grand Hotel – its situation is undoubtedly the best. You will be able to walk to a lot of attractions from the hotel. Unfortunately, the room costs can be astonishing for the tourists who counted on the costs for rooms in other Western countries.
Find your couch
When speaking about bed and breakfast in Stockholm we immediately start thinking about hotels, cheaper hostels and rental apartments and houses. But still, there is another way to get to a place for extroverts – a service called Couchsurfing. Without any real efforts you may find a large number of possible hosts in Stockholm. All one needs to do is to register an account in the service, then find a suitable person and contact him or her via website private chat. It is the cheapest and – if you adore meeting new people – most interesting way to explore Swedish Venetia.