Buy The Stockholm Card

Who could need the Stockholm Card?

Swedish capital is a nice and event-packed place anyone could enjoy. Everything here has unusual beauty which cannot be compared to anything else neither in Europe nor in the world. Some of cities in Sweden provide special discount cards made mainly for the short-term visitors. The Stockholm Card will make your life in this fantastic city much easier and help you avoid inconvenient moments and time wasting.

What the Stockholm Card Offers.

During a short touristic visit to the capital, The Stockholm Card is the door to entertainment and nature investigation. This is because the card:

  • Releases you from paying entrance fees in over 80 Stockholm museums full of fantastic things. All attraction sites and points of interest are open for you with no restrictions! As a Card holder you will be able to avoid spending extra money if you are interesred in visiting at least several big museums.
  • Releases you from paying anything

For public means of transport – choose any bus or any tram and go where you want to. More than that, you can travel by boats for free too! It’s that fantastic?

  • Saves your funds by guaranteeing a discount for various city tours on a bus or a doubledecker as well as for boat trips to the palace of Drottningholm and tickets to Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

Until When Can I Get The Card?

The length of the stay is the most important factor determining the best plan – there are 1, 2, 3 or 5 days plans available. The Stockholm Card is automatically activated in the day of purchase and remains valid until the selected plan finishes.

Where can I get the city card and what is its price?

The price solution is really fair and transparent – you pay correspondingly for the number of days that he or she stays in Stockholm. There are cards for one, two, three or five days – choose any that suits better.

The Card costs the same amount of money throughout the whole year and discounts are occasional – for example, Ikea offers discounts for the customers who become owners of the Family Membership card of Ikea.

Who could need the Stockholm Card?

If you travel as a tourist prefering sightseeing, it is reasonable to get one. This is because it will save you nice amount of money as you will not have to spend anything on entrance fees for all the places you visit. It is the real deal for short term visitors of Stockholm as they can get many great things paying a fixed price.

Using a simple calculator and the Internet you can easily and quickly compare the costs of using the card to the costs of staying in Stockholm without the card. We know the result for sure.

However, if you have no plans for doing a lot of sightseeing, then it is maybe not a good idea to get one. Let’s say, you would rather prefer to explore Stockholm at a slow pace and visit only a couple of places a day, purchasing a Stockholm Card is not suggested. That is why it is called a short term guest’s discount.

The good news is that there are dozens of spots in Stockholm where you can purchase the card if you change your mind.