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Find a place to put up at Stockholm

All travelers who have already been to Sweden know that it is certainly not the cheapest place in Europe. To sum up and be brief we’d like to say that city guests looking for where to stay in Stockholm or Stockholm accomodation may select among these options – relatively cheap (ships, hostels, some hotels), moderately expensive (hotels) and really expensive (luxurious hotels).
Saving solution
Not every tourist wants and can find enough funds for places to stay in Stockholm like a prestigious hotel – for instance Park Inn or Sheraton. Such visitors are typically not interested in luxe – they feel absolutely well with any more affordable Stockholm b&b. All savers and students usually try to find a cheaper place in Stockholm. There are lots of great hostels in Stockholm, however we suggest that you check available hotels.
Tens of authentic Swedish smaller hotels can be found all around the capital. The probability to run against some discount and reserve a great room for cheap is truly high. All in all, it’s better to find a room in such an authentic hotel than to select a boring hostel often full of noise and impolite guests.

find a cheaper place in Stockholm

find a cheaper place in Stockholm

What about staying on a ship?
Could you imagine that cheap accommodation in Stockholm may be found not on the land but in the water? It is the main reason for calling it “Northern Venetia”. All ship hotels can be found in the heart of Stockholm so you will have everything close. There are both affordable hotels and hostels in ships from 20 Euros for a room. One will hardly find more unusual accomodation in Stockholm.
Read Internet forums and make sure that people confirm it – hundreds of them also prefer ships. The tourists say that it’s really convenient to live in a ship due to good location. It means that you will not be living in a cool place but also have all main attraction sites right near.
Be a Swedish
Another great option is to rent an apartment or a house. But be ready for rather costly offers – keep in mind that salaries and pension in Sweden are very high and local inhabitants can easily afford such rent. Actually that is the main reason of why houses for rent are not that popular.
However, it doesn’t mean you can’t find cheaper apartments few miles away from the center. It’s not about saving money only – you will lead the same life just as the local inhabitants do. That’s a great experience too. Furthermore it is the best opportunity to compare Stockholm center with other districts.
Rental apartments and houses suit well those who are not obsessed with attending absolutely every point of interest. Non-touristic areas are also very interesting. If you want to get the full picture – live among the local people but not with tourists.
Top level of comfort
Some tourists, however, prefer staying in absolutely comfort. A good hotel with big and clean rooms and delicious breakfasts are the best choice then. Stockholm can offer a great deal of international hotel chains. Local chains can be attractive too. One more way to have a comfortable rest is to get a room in an original Swedish hotel.
Grand Hotel is possibly the best place where a wealthy tourist could stay since this amazing hotel is located right in the very heart of the city. One will be able to quickly walk to the majority of attraction sites from there. But keep in mind really high prices – they can be higher than in most of other Western European capitals.
Find new friends and a new couch
You are better to search for bed and breakfast in Stockholm in hotels and good hostels. If you don’t really need what is mentioned above – welcome to Couchsurfing. Without any real efforts you will find a great number of possible hosts in Stockholm. There is nothing difficult at all – create a personal Couchsurfing account and find your host in Stockholm. It’s going to become a really affordable way to discover the city and to find new good friends.