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Ten Surprising Facts About Segway Stockholm

Beauty and inventiveness are the most known characteristics of the Swedish capital. A lot of trends in arts innovations, design are invented here before they became popular worldwide. Trendy bars and fabulous restaurants, nice cafes, pubs all make this fascinating city a desired holiday destination for travelers from all over the world. The friendly environment and natural beauty of this city encourage tourists to come and to enjoy all the great things making Stockholm admirable. One of the main attractions of Stockholm is the Segway, an ecologically harmless 2-wheel transport that creates a special feeling and makes your travel funnier.

Even the roadsters with rich experience and thousands of discovered cities will be excited with that Segway tour around Swedish capital. A car or a bus simply cannot replace Segway with its impressive simplicity and convenience.

You will certainly appreciate the sense of adventure of Stockholm. Stockholm has kinds of entertainment for the most picky tourist. Royal Palace is the residential building for the “royal blood” and a very convenient starting point. It will inspire you for discovering Stockholm. The next worthy site could be the Skeppsholmen Island. This small piece of land lost among water used to be a military post but then became a center of culture and arts of entire Stockholm.

This amazing trip includes in its route all memorable Stockholm buildings, from Royal Opera to Parliament House. While planning the Stockholm tour, you could choose a Segway for better convenience. Going by a Segway is very close to going on foot with the only difference – you can move faster. If you wish to know more about Segway in Stockholm here are the ten interesting Segway facts that will give you a good glimpse about the trip. And don’t undervalue the facts we’ve prepared for you, they are really useful and interesting.

Ten surprising facts about Segway in Stockholm

  1. The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, battery-powered vehicle with self-balance.
  2. The laurels of the Segway inventor belong to Dean Kamen.
  3. The manufacturer of the funky vehicle based on 2 wheels is Segway Inc. From The USA, New Hampshire.
  4. The remarkable word Segway is derived from the word Segue which means “able to go smoothly”. PT means Personal Transportation.
  5. The engine and the processor that are used in the basic part of the machine makes the Segway vertical while the power is on. That helps keep the balance of the vehicle.
  6. If you feel fear about Segway controls – please relax, everything is very simple. Shift forward or backwards and thus go forward or backwards.
  7. While balancing, the Segway notices the changes in the distance and then sets the matching speed, regulated by leaning forward or backward.
  8. Fluid leveling sensors and the gyroscopic sensors detect the weight shift.
  9. Press the handlebar to the left or right to launch Segway.
  10. The maximum speed Segway may reach is 12.5 miles per hour which is really convenient for street driving.

If you are planning to come to Stockholm, try to experience this awesome Segway tour. Finally, it is not available in other countries and cities. Segway is an eco-friendly machine with such strong points like simplicity, relatively high, but safe speed and user friendly controls. But please remember to wear a helmet and to properly follow all instructions to avoid unwanted risk.

Segway is a machine allowed for almost everybody with only few limitations. One needs to be above twelve years to obtain the permission for this journey and his or her weight should not exceed 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.