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10 Fascinating Facts About Segway Stockholm

Fineness and invention are the main characteristics of the Swedish capital. The majority of trends in arts innovations, design appeared here before becoming popular in the world. Outstanding cultural heritage and exciting history together with stylish restaurants and cafes make Swedish capital a worthy place to come to. Talking about the things that tourists adore we should mention pleasant environment, amazing nature and fine urbanscape. If you are searching for eco-friendly mean of transport for discovering Stockholm you can take Segway.

Even the tourists with rich experience and thousands of discovered cities will be amazed with that Segway tour around Stockholm. Going by train, bus or any other source of transportation will not satisfy you much like moving by Segway in Stockholm.

One will certainly appreciate the adventurous ambience of Stockholm. As a large and modern city Stockholm has numerous attractions and amusement opportunities. An awesome site to begin your tour around Stockholm is the famous Royal palace. Skeppsholmen island with its exciting architecture, jazz music and museums will perfectly suit as a second attraction site to see here in Stockholm.

Nearly all most popular buildings of the Swedish capital like Royal Opera, Parliament House and City Hall will be included in this tour. Segway is definitely the best solution for this tour. In a word, Segway is a fantastic alternative to going on foot – you have exactly the same access degree to the points of interest but with much more speed and mobility. We have prepared ten amusing facts about Segway. Such a list will definitely help you make the right choice. Don’t wait and read the facts below – you will learn lots of new things there.

10 interesting facts about Segway in Stockholm

  1. A Segway PT design consists of power batteries, two wheels and self-balancing technology.
  2. Dean Kamen from America is Segway inventor.
  3. This ingenious two-wheeled vehicle is manufactured by the Segway Inc. Located in New Hampshire.
  4. The unique name Segway comes of the word “Segue” which means smooth movement. And the PT is the abbreviation meaning Personal Transportation.
  5. The engine and the processor used into the basic part of the machine keeps the Segway vertical while the power is turned on. Such a technology lets maintain the balance of the vehicle.
  6. If you worry about Segway controls – relax, everything is incredibly simple. Shift to the front or to the back and move forward or backwards.
  7. During the driving lean your body to the front or to the back to make speed higher or lower.
  8. The leans are detected by special gyroscoping and level sensors.
  9. And for launching Segway, the driver should press the handlebar to the left or to the right.
  10. The Segway PT can reach the speed of 12.5 mph and it is based on the electric motors that make any street tour easy and comfortable.

A visit to Swedish capital is a very good opportunity to check Segway in action. You have no necessity in couch to master Segway, everything is really simple and you will promptly get how it works. But please remember to wear a helmet and to follow all instructions to be on the safe side.

There are only very few restrictions on Segway use. A driver must be above 12 years to get the permission for a Segway journey and his or her weight should be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.