Some Features-The Stockholm Card

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Who could use the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is a charming place, it has a lot of adventure and it is the best place for feeling nature at its best. The glory of Stockholm can be seen at every corner of the street, in parks and museums. Several cities in Sweden have discount cards designed specifically for short term visitors. The Stockholm Card is your short cut to entertainment and great experiences in Stockholm.

What the Stockholm Card Offers.

All short term visitors will highly appreciate the city card which is really useful in theaters, museums etc., since it

  • Provides you with free admission to over 80 museums where you can expand new horizons. Having the card, you get access to tourist attraction site without any restrictions. It means that you will not have to pay fees in the museums as long as you have the card; this would save you decent money especially if you plan to visit several museums and tourist attraction sites.
  • Releases you from necessity to pay for public means of transport – take any train or any tram and travel around the city in any direction. Furthermore, you can become a passenger of any of the boats for free too! It’s that awesome?
  • Provides attractive discounts for a great number of sightseeing routes arranged on boats and buses as well as for visiting well-known Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Much Time Is Left To Get The Card?

In order to save your funds there are several price solutions for different number of days. You can choose among one, two, three or five days visit and pay only for the time you need without excess costs.

Where can I obtain the card and what is the price?

The price policy is really fair and transparent – a buyer pays correspondingly for the number of days that he or she stays in Stockholm. There are cards for one, two, three or five days – choose any that suits better.

The Card costs the unchanged amount of money during the whole year and all the discounts happen occasionally – for example, Ikea offers attractive discounts for the customers who become owners of the Family Membership card of Ikea.

When To Get One

The City discount card is an awesome gift from the city authorities to all travelers who have limited time for staying in Stockholm. Now they can visit many great places even within two or three days.

Stockholm has a great number of incredibly interesting places that have no comparable alternatives in the world. Experienced travelers perfectly know it.

However, if sightseeing and so called “rubberneck tour” are not included into your plan there is actually no sense in buying the Stockholm Card. The same thing concerns those who prefer discovering and enjoying Swedish capital by walking the streets and get acquainted with new people.

Fortunately there are dozens of points in Stockholm where you can buy the city card in case if you suddenly change your mind.