Something New -The Stockholm Card

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Why would I need the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is a nice and eventful place any tourist could enjoy. Everything here has incredible beauty that cannot be compared to any other city. Some of cities in Sweden provide special discount cards designed mainly for the tourists coming for a few days. The Stockholm Card can make your life in this great city much more pleasant and easy and help you forget about spending your time and money on fees and queues.

What benefits does the Card provide.

The Stockholm Card is the most attractive solution for a few days visit and for those who are curious about Stockholm cultural life, since it:

  • Guarantees you free admittance to more than eighty museums where you have a great chance to find a lot of new information. Having this card, you get access to tourist attraction site without any restrictions. This means that you will not have to pay fees in the museums for the whole period the card is valid; it will let you save decent money especially if you plan to visit several museums and tourist points of interest.
  • Releases you from paying anything

For municipal transport – take any bus or any tram and travel around the city in any direction. More than that, you can travel by boats for free as well! It’s that fantastic?

  • Gives you access to discounted tickets for different points of interest and services such as the Stockholm Panorama sightseeing bus, the Open Top Double Decker bus tour, Boat trips to Drottningholm palace and to Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Much Time Is Left To Get The Card?

In order to save your funds there are several price plans for different number of days. You can choose among 1, 2, 3 or 5 days visit and pay only for suitable time without excess costs.

Where can I obtain the city card and how much does it cost?

The price depends on the package you select – 525 SEK (Swedish Krona) for one-day plan, 675 SEK is the price of the two-day plan, 825 and 1095 SEK are the prices for three and five-days plans. Every tourist can easily and quickly buy the Card in absolutely any information booth in Stockholm.

It is quite possible that occasionally you can notice some sudden discount – for example, when obtaining the Member’s card from Ikea. Nevertheless, we do not advise counting on it because basically the card price cannot change during the whole year.

Do I need such a card?

Firstly, the Stockholm Card is definitely recommended for those people who visited Stockholm to enjoy the sightseeing. They will then avoid paying those irritating entrance fees and save some money. Buying the Card pays itself if your visit lasts for few days but is full of events.

Taking a calculator and a computer you can easily and quickly compare the card costs to the expenditures of staying in Stockholm without the card. We are perfectly aware of the result.

But we are not trying to exaggerate the functionality and usefulness of the Stockholm Card – we all keep in mind that this solution is determined mainly for the attraction seekers. People who prefers other activities in the capital of Sweden like nightlife, business trips and strolling will not need such a service like the Card.

Fortunately there are many kiosks in Stockholm where you can quickly get the city card if you suddenly change your mind.