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10 Astonishing Things About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is the city of charm and resourcefullness. All trends in fashion, music, innovations, design appeared in this city before they became popular in the world. Fantastic cultural background and rich history altogether with charming restaurants and cafes make Swedish capital a great place to come to. Speaking about the things people love we would like to mention very warm environment, exciting nature and fine urbanscape. If you are thinking about eco-friendly mean of transport for exploring Stockholm you can select Segway.

Even if you have travelled many cities and might have enjoyed a great deal of the beauties of nature and man-made miracles, but Segway ride in Stockholm guarantees that you the unique experience. No other vehicle is able to compare to the feelings Segway gives.

Stockholm has incredible atmosphere of beauty and adventure. Stockholm offers any type of amusement facilities for absolutely every person. Royal Palace is the home for the “royal blood” and a very convenient starting point. It will inspire you for further exploring Stockholm. Skeppsholmen island with its fantastic museums, architecture and jazz music will be a good choice for a second attraction site to visit here in Stockholm.

During this tour, you will be able to see the Royal dramatic theatre, Parliament House, the Royal Opera, the City Hall, and the home of the Nobel Banquet that is the most popular building of the Stockholm. While preparing a plan of this Stockholm tour, you could choose a Segway for better comfort. Moving by a Segway is close to going on foot with the only difference – you have higher speed. We have ten interesting facts about Segway. They will certainly persuade you to select the right thing. And don’t underestimate these facts we’ve prepared for you, they all are very informative.

10 interesting facts about the Segway Stockholm

  1. The Segway PT is a 2-wheeled, battery-powered electric vehicle.
  2. Dean Kamen from America is the Stockholm Segway inventor.
  3. This creative two-wheeled personal vehicle is produced by a company located in New Hampshire and called Segway Inc.
  4. The remarkable name Segway was taken from the word Segue with the meaning “being able to drive smoothly”. PT means Personal Transportation.
  5. The processors and the engine used in the basic part of the machine keeps the Segway upright all the time while the power is being used. It helps provide the balance of the vehicle.
  6. The controls are more than easy – lean to the front to move forward and lean the body back to go back, and that’s it!
  7. Segway increases the speed when you lean forward and lowers it when you lean backward.
  8. Segway notices weight shifting with its fluid sensors – gyroscopic and leveling.
  9. Press the handlebar to the left or to the right to launch Segway.
  10. Electric engine lets reach comfortable and safe speed up to 20 kph (12.5 mph).

If you want to try Segway in action – come to Stockholm. Segway is an eco-friendly vehicle which has such advantages like easiness, comfortable speed and intuitive controls. A special helmet and respect to safety instructions have incredible importance in all cases.

Segway trip is allowed for almost everybody with some restrictions. A driver should be above twelve years to get permission for such a trip and his or her maximum weight for this trip is 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.