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10 Astonishing Things About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of glory and resourcefullness. A great number of worldwide known modern solutions and culture trends appeared here. People from different countries come to Stockholm to see its history, culture and, of course, trendy cafes, restaurants and bars. The friendly ambience and natural beatiful of this city encourage tourists to come and to enjoy all the great things making Stockholm admirable. If you are thinking about eco-friendly mean of transport for discovering Stockholm you can choose Segway.

Even if you have travelled many countries and may have a great understanding of the nature beauties and human creation, but when it comes to Segway Stockholm you the unique experience. No other vehicle is able to replace the feelings Segway gives.

Stockholm has unmatched ambience of charm and adventure. As a big and up-to-date city Stockholm has a great number attractions sites and entertainment facilities. Royal Palace is the residence for the royal family and a good beginning point. It will encourage you for further exploring Stockholm. Skeppsholmen island with its unparalleled architecture, jazz music and museums will be a good choice for the next point of interest to visit in Stockholm.

Almost all most important buildings of Stockholm like Parliament House, City Hall and Royal Opera will be available in this tour. Segway is certainly the best kind of transport for this tour. To be brief, Segway is a great alternative to walking – you have exactly the same access level to the points of interest but with much higher speed. If you would like to learn more about Segway in Stockholm here are the ten funny Segway facts which will give you a good idea about the tour. And don’t undervalue the facts we’ve prepared for you, they are really informative.

10 interesting things about Segway in Stockholm

  1. A Segway PT design includes power batteries, a pair of wheels and self-balance technology.
  2. Segway vehicle was invented by Dean Kamen.
  3. The funky vehicle producer is Segway Inc. From The USA, New Hampshire.
  4. The remarkable word Segway was taken from the word Segue with the meaning “being able to move smoothly”. PT is explained as Personal Transportation.
  5. The machine has smart electronics and motor located in its basic part, and this is the reason why Segway never loses the balance when turned on.
  6. A user’s command is necessary for making Segway go forward and it can be achieved by the putting the weight to the front. As for the backing one needs to do exactly the same thing. But in this case you have to put the weight backward on the platform.
  7. During the ride lean your body to the front or to the back in order to increase or decrease speed.
  8. Segway quickly detects weight shifting with its fluid-based sensors – level and gyroscopic.
  9. Push the handlebar to the right or left to launch Segway.
  10. The Segway PT can maintain the maximum of 12.5 mph and it is based on the electric motors that make any street tour comfortable and easy.

A journey to Swedish capital is a unique opportunity to check Segway in action. You have no necessity in an expert to drive Segway, everything is very easy to understand and you will quickly have a hunch on how the vehicle works. But try not to forget to wear a helmet and to properly follow all the instructions to avoid unneeded risk.

Nearly everybody is allowed to drive Segway. A user needs to be above 12 years of age to get the permission for such a journey and his maximum weight for this trip is 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.