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Ten Interesting Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most innovative world cities. The majority of trends in arts technologies appeared here before they became popular globally. Guests from across the world visit Stockholm to enjoy its historical heritage, cultural background and trendy cafes, restaurants and bars. The warm atmosphere and natural beatiful of this place encourage visitors to get here and to enjoy all the great things that make Stockholm admirable. One of the best Stockholm attractions is the Segway, an ecologically harmless two wheeler that helps you move fast and makes a lot of fun while travelling.

We believe that you are a sophisticated traveler who has seen an endless numer of world points of interest, however Segway tours around Stockholm will definitely be something totally new for you. Moving by train, bus or any other kind of transport will hardly bring you such a pleasure as moving by Segway in Stockholm.

Stockholm has incredible atmosphere of beauty and adventure. Stockholm has all kinds of entertainment for the most picky guest. You can begin your journey from the Royal palacewhich is famous home of the royal family. It’s one of the most well-known historic building of Europe. From the royal home, you can move towards the Skeppsholmen island, one of the smallest islands before it was a military base of the Swedish fleet, but now it is situated in the heart of Stockholm.

This amazing tour includes all significant buildings of Stockholm, from Royal Opera to Parliament House. This trip requires a fast and simple vehicle like Segway. To put it shortly, Segway is a very attractive alternative to walking – you have exactly the same access level to all attractions but with much higher speed. We have made up ten cool facts about Segway. They will definitely help you select the right thing. And our facts will help you realize why this tour is so interesting and why you will 100% enjoy it.

10 interesting things about the Segway Stockholm

  1. A Segway PT is a self-balanced personal transport which has a pair of wheels and uses power batteries.
  2. Dean Kamen from the USA is the Stockholm Segway inventor.
  3. The amazing vehicle producer is Segway Inc. From New Hampshire.
  4. The remarkable name Segway is derived from the word Segue with the meaning “able to move smoothly”. PT means Personal Transportation.
  5. Segway is equipped with smart electronics and motor hidden in its main part, and that is the reason why Segway never loses its balance while it is turned on.
  6. If you are afraid of Segway controls – relax, everything is really simple. Shift to the front or backwards and drive forward or backwards.
  7. Segway picks up the speed when you lean forward and lowers it when you do the opposite.
  8. The weight shifts are noticed by high-tech level and gyroscopic sensors.
  9. Press the handlebar to the left or right to make Segway start.
  10. The maximum speed Segway may reach is 12.5 mph that is really convenient for driving in a street.

If you wish to check and try Segway on practice – come to Stockholm. Segway is an eco-friendly vehicle with such advantages like easiness, relatively high, but safe speed and intuitive controls. Anyway, strict following instructions and using a helmet is absolutely necessary.

Almost everybody is allowed to use Segway. Actually the limitations concern age and weight only – the minimum age is 13 and the maximum weight is 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.