Visit Several Attractions of Stockholm

Fotografiska Museet

Booking free walking tour to visit several attractions of Stockholm

Each and every family and group of friends would want to visit the different locations during their holidays or any festive season to enjoy the days. When it comes to the enjoyable tour in the Sweden country, visiting Stockholm city which is the capital of Sweden is a right place for all types of tourists. There are several numbers of beautiful galleries, enjoyable theater, world class museums, bridges, underground railway systems and many things to enjoy. Whenever you are searching for a perfect destination to arrange the tour, Stockholm tour is a nice choice to completely enjoy with your loved ones.

Considerable tourist attractions:

Whenever you are planning for having a tour to the Stockholm city, Sweden, it is first necessary to find the best tour package online. Walking tour is very famous in all the major tourist attractions of this city. Many online tour booking sites have been providing such service of walking tour with the experienced guide for totally free of cost. Instead of having bus travel, taxi service, or any other transportation facility, taking the walking tour for free is highly beneficial to peacefully visit all the popular locations with no hassles or hurry ups. The following are the most popular tourist attractions of this terrific Stockholm city.

  • Fotografiska Museet – It is the popular museum of the Stockholm city with the extensive collections of the contemporary photography and has an electric mix of the different exhibitions all days of the year. The tourists can find the book store, restaurant, and souvenir store in this place at the different floors to read your favorite books and taste the cuisines.
  • The city hall – This tourist attraction of the Stockholm city is also called the Stadshuset which is topped by the 3 golden crowns and located in the water edge. It is considered as one of the most iconic buildings of this city in Sweden.

Having food tour in various Stockholm locations:

If the tourists are going to book for the free walking tour for visit several important tourist attractions of the Stockholm city, everyone is also recommended booking for the food walking tour on the web. Having the food at the various locations will actually be very helpful to find the popular cafés, bars, and restaurants of the different locations to taste the cuisines there and enjoy your tour with the help of the guide.

  • Moderna Museet – Most of the visitors would like to visit this tourist attraction in which there are the extensive collections of art from the 20th century to still now. In Moderna Museet, everyone can find the featured art works of the popular artists such as Derkert, Picasso, Dali, Matisse and more.
  • Ostermalm – It is the most unique district of the Stockholm city where there are international labels rub shoulders available with the top class Scandinavian designs.


In all these famous tourist locations, the travelers can able to enjoy tasting cuisines in the restaurants and drinks in the bars once you have booked a food tour on the web platform.