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Ten Surprising Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of beauty and invention. A great deal of worldwide spread up-to-date technologies and culture trends born here. Guests from different countries come to Stockholm to explore its historical heritage, cultural background and, of course, trendy cafes, restaurants and bars. Talking about the things that tourists like we would like to mention pleasant environment, exciting nature and great views. Finally, there is a fantastic chance for discovering the capital on a convenient and fast transport which is absolutely safe for the environment – Segway.

You may have been to most part of the world and may have a great understanding of the beauties of nature and human creation, but Segway ride in Stockholm guarantees that you the unique experience. A bus or a car are unable to substitute Segway with its impressive mobility and convenience.

Stockholm has inimitable ambience of charm and adventure. Stockholm has all kinds of entertainment for the most picky visitor. Royal Palace is the residential building for the Swedish royal family and a very convenient starting point. It will inspire you for discovering Stockholm. The next waypoint can be the Skeppsholmen Island. It was a military post but then became a center of culture and arts of entire Stockholm.

During this tour, you will be able to see Parliament House, the Royal Dramatic Theater, City Hall, the Royal Opera, and the home of the Nobel Banquet that is the most popular building of the Stockholm. This trip will be much better with a flexible and easy-to-use vehicle like Segway. To put it shortly, Segway is a great alternative to strolling – you have totally the same access to all attractions but with much more speed and flexibility. We bet you got interested in a Segway tour, aren’t you? Check ten interesting facts about Segway and book a tour. And the facts below will help you understand why this Stockholm tour is so interesting and why you will 100% enjoy it.

Ten interesting things about the Segway Stockholm

  1. A Segway PT is a self-balanced transport that has two wheels and works on power batteries.
  2. The popularity and fame of the Segway inventor belong to Dean Kamen.
  3. This unique two-wheeled vehicle is produced by a company located in New Hampshire – Segway Inc.
  4. The word “Segue” was taken as a root for that outstanding name Segway. “Segue” is a word meaning “smooth transporting”. PT is nothing more but a short form of Personal Transportation.
  5. The “dark” secret of Segway’s unbelievable balance lies in motors and computers located in the bottom part of the vehicle. These smart electronics and motors make sure that the vehicle will not fall when you switch it on.
  6. The controls are more than simple – lean to the front to drive to the front and lean the body back to move backwards, that’s it!
  7. During the tour lean your body to the front or to the back to increase or decrease speed.
  8. Fluid-based leveling sensors and the gyroscopic sensors record the weight shift.
  9. To make the first move you need to press the handlebar – to the right or left.
  10. The Segway PT can achieve the maximum of 12.5 miles per hours and it is driven by the electric engine that make the tour comfortable, safe and easy.

A journey to Swedish capital is a good chance to check Segway on practice. One more significant factor is that it is eco-friendly and when it comes to handling it is very easy and simple and a total beginner can handle it without much difficulty. But try not to forget to put on a helmet and to follow the instructions to avoid unwanted risk.

Segway is allowed for everybody with only few restrictions. A driver must be above twelve years to obtain permission for such a trip and the weight must be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.