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Find a place to put up at Stockholm

All people who have enjoyed Scandinavia perfectly know that it’s certainly not the most affordable place in Europe. To sum up and be brief we would like to say that travelers who are looking for where to stay in Stockholm or Stockholm accomodation can choose among these options – more or less cheap (hostels, ships), moderately costly (hotels) and expensive (luxurious hotels).
Student’s dream
Not everybody needs and can pay for places to stay in Stockholm like a prestigious hotel – for instance Park Inn or Scandic. The main aim for such tourists is to explore the Swedish capital and to check out as much as it’s only possible, they are not connected to any exact Stockholm b&b place. It makes all hostels and other affordable accommodations so popular. But don’t hurry up too much – you have a chance to stay in a hotel which is undoubtedly more comfortable than any hostel for the same money.
Take a good walk around Stockholm and you will quickly see really many small and nice hotels with attractive prices. The probability to come on some seasonal discount and get a brilliant hotel room for affordable price is very high. If hostels tend to look the same in whole Europe and even the world the hotels are different and thus more beautiful.

Where to stay in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm

Live in a ship!
On the map we can see that actually cheap accomodation in Stockholm is located near water. That is why people often call Stockholm “Northern Venetia”. It’s really convenient to put up at a ship since basically all ships are in very beautiful parts of the city. One will be surprised with how much lower the room prices in a ship are comparing to any other opportunities in Stockholm. One will hardly find more unusual accomodation in Stockholm.
Experienced tourists also claim that staying in a ship is actually much better than in any “land hotel”. The tourists say that it’s incredibly convenient to live in a ship because of good location. So you will get both available price and small distance to dozens of fabulous attractions.
Be a Swedish
If you need more comfort and freedom you can check rental apartments or houses. Due to quite high pension in Sweden local people can easily afford to pay expensive rent, therefore you need to be ready for the prices. It means that local people feel well with such prices, but tourists are often disappointed.
But much cheaper houses and apartments can be found in the city outskirts. You will thus cut expenses and see better how Stockholm people live. That’s an awesome experience too. Moreover it is the best opportunity to make a comparison between Stockholm center with other districts.
Renting a house or an apartment can appear to be the most interesting solution for the travelers who have already visited Stockholm and checked its points of interest. Non-touristic parts are also incredibly interesting. That is how one can see the full view of the Swedish capital.
When comfort is important
Nevertheless, some people need to have really much comfort. A prestigious hotel with big and clean rooms and tasty breakfasts are the best choice then. There are great hotels of almost all world companies like Radisson and Sheraton. It’s a sensible idea to think about local Stockholm hotel chains too. Moreover, you will see in the streets some hotels which are much more stylish and much more Swedish.
Grand Hotel is possibly the greatest spot where a wealthy tourist could stay because this hotel is situated right in the very heart of the Swedish capital. All famous museums, all great views and all cool bars and clubs are within walking distance that is really convenient. Unluckily, the room costs can be astonishing for the tourists who counted on the costs for rooms like in other Western countries.
Find new friends and a new couch
When talking about bed and breakfast in Stockholm we immediately start thinking about hotels, hostels and rental apartments and houses. However, there is a different way to put up at a place for sociable people – a great service called Couchsurfing. Without any real efforts you may find a large number of possible hosts in Stockholm. All you should do is to register in this service, find such a host person and contact him through private messages. It’s going to be a very cheap way to discover Stockholm and to get new good friends.