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10 Interesting Things About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of glory and resourcefullness. A great number of worldwide known hi-tech solutions and fashion trends appeared here. Guests from across the world come to Stockholm to explore its history, culture and trendy cafes, bars and restaurants. There are many things making tourists delight the capital of Sweden – charming nature, exciting cityscape and pleasant atmosphere. At the last, there is a fantastic opportunity for discovering the city on a convenient and fast vehicle absolutely safe for the environment – Segway.

Even if you have been to most part of the world and might have a great understanding of the nature beauties and elements of human culture, but Segway ride in Stockholm guarantees that you the unique experience. No other vehicle can substitute the emotions Segway gives.

You will highly appreciate the spirit of adventure of Stockholm. Stockholm can offer absolutely any kind of amusement facilities for absolutely every guest. You can begin your journey from the Royal palace known as the home of the royal dynasty. It’s one of the most well-known places of the old world. The next waypoint could be famous Skeppsholmen Island. The island was a military post but then became a cultural center of Stockholm and Sweden.

Nearly all most significant buildings of Stockholm such as Royal Opera, Parliament House and City Hall will be present in this tour. Such a tour needs a fast and simple transport solution like Segway. Moving by a Segway is nearly equal to walking with the only difference – you are much faster. We have made up 10 amusing facts about Segway. They will certainly convince you to make the right choice. And the facts below will make you better understand why this tour is so easy and why you will 100% enjoy it.

Ten interesting things about Stockholm Segway

  1. A Segway PT construction consists of power batteries, two wheels and technology of self balancing.
  2. The fame and popularity of the Segway inventor belong to an American Dean Kamen.
  3. This innovative two-wheeled personal vehicle is designed and made by the Segway Inc. That is located in New Hampshire.
  4. The uncommon word Segway was obtained from the word Segue meaning “being able to go smoothly”. PT is explained as Personal Transportation.
  5. The processors and the motors put into the foundation of the vehicle makes the Segway upright all the time while the power is turned on. That lets maintain the balance of Segway.
  6. The controls are incredibly simple – lean forward to drive forward and lean back to drive back, that’s it!
  7. During the tour shift to the front or lean back in order to increase or decrease speed.
  8. Fluid-based gyroscopic and leveling sensors record the weight shift.
  9. And for starting in, the driver should press the handlebar to the left or to the right.
  10. The highest speed Segway may have is 12.5 mph and it is really convenient for street driving.

If you want to check Segway in action – go to Stockholm. You have no necessity in teacher to drive Segway, everything here is really simple and you will quickly realize how the vehicle works. But please don’t forget to put on a helmet and to properly follow the instructions to be on the safe side.

Segway is allowed for nearly everybody with only few limitations. A driver must be above twelve years to get the permission for this trip and the weight must be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.